Revolutionizes the electric vehicle battery industry with Blockchain technology

By applying the efficiency and transparency of blockchain to the
electric vehicle battery industry, unprecedented cost-efficiency,
process efficiency, and design automation can be achieved.
We will open a new world in the electric vehicle battery industry.



eCeltron is a compound word of E (electric: electricity) + Cel (Cell: battery) + Tron
(the ending of electronic: electricity) , which means the battery of an electric vehicle.
It also means the efficiency of a light-weight and fast blockchain like Tron coin.

•We will achieve extremely high levels of business efficiency
•Secure large-scale liquidity by listing our coins on global exchanges

Our investment in a battery material research company

will give us the competitive edge we need to lead the industry.
This will be achieved with the help of blockchain technology.

eCeltron Blockchain Systems

Blockchain's transparency and efficiency
already redefining the standard.

The ERC20 protocol has been proven to be safe, cost-effective, and transparent through millions of transactions.
By assigning an ERC20 address to all production processes such as
raw material supplier, material developer, manufacturing line, QA, production management, inventory management,
marketing, shipping, customer order, we plan to manage the production process, inventory status,
and new material release status in real time, immutably and transparently.


eCeltron Platform Participants

Electric battery
raw material company

Securing excellent new materials
determines the success or failure of a business.
select the best material after actual testing,
and proceed with commercialization afterward.
Information providers will be rewarded
with USD and an additional 10% ECTR coin.

Electric battery research
and development company

We will select the best basic prototype
(sample for prototyping),
and the supply price of the prototype
will be compensated in USD
and an additional 10% ECTR coin.

Electric battery manufacturer

>Providing the selected prototype
manufacturing process and
get compensation as a result.

Electric Batteries and
Coin Purchasing Individuals

Whenever a finished
the eCeltron brand vehicle is charged,
eCeltron wallet holder will
receive ECTR coins at a certain rate
according to the amount charged

eCeltron Token
Distribution Plan

  • Coin sales 20%
  • Development for Battery Material 20%
  • M&A of Battery material development and manufacturing lines 20%
  • Global marketing 10%
  • Legal Advisory 20%
  • Team 10%
  • Coin Name :
  • Symbol :
  • Protocol :
  • Total Supply :



  • Q3
    eCeltron foundation set up
  • Q4
    Whitepaper published


  • Q1
    eCeltron Platform & Wallet development started
  • Q2
    Selecting material developing companies started
  • Q3
    Listing on top global exchanges & Wallet launched
  • Q4
    Battery manufacturing line in China due diligence


  • Q1
    Listing on more global exchanges in Asia or U.S.
  • Q2
    eCeltron platform launching
  • Q3
    Finished car manufacturer partnership completed
  • Q4
    eCeltron platform enhancement

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